You'RE the reason Lookover Exists

 Directly Impacting and Validating the Future of LookOver

LookOver is in it's early stages, focusing on minimal features in order to quickly get into the hands of powersports enthusiasts like yourself.  Our goal is to build the best damned dirt bike, ATV, UTV, and general powersports maintenance and modification tracking app on the planet.  By contacting us, you make a direct impact towards that goal.  Please become an early adopter so that together, we can can ditch notepads, spreadsheets, and generic apps for good.

Meet Derek

I'm an avid dirt biker, skier, and backpacker who conquers mountain peaks, slays double black diamonds, and just generally loves life at 10,000+ ft.  Professionally, I'm a full stack software engineer and love helping people reach their goals through software products and automation.  I genuinely hope you'll find my LookOver app valuable and contact me with your interest, concerns, and any feedback or feature requests you have!