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Great Maintenance Starts with a LookOver

The mission is simple:

Improve Powersports Ownership and Maintenance Experience

New and seasoned riders know that to get the best performance and life from a beloved dirt bike, ATV, UTV, or off road vehicle, you need to keep of track your maintenance, service intervals, and modifications.  LookOver aims to replace archaic notepads, spreadsheets, and generic apps, and improve the experience with maintenance logs, service reminders, and performance tuning results right from your mobile device.

Check out all these features to keep you riding strong!


When was the last time you checked out the air filter and throttle body?  LookOver will let you know when it's time to inspect it before you head out on your next ride.


LookOver helps keep all four tires moving by providing you with a simple, effective way to track parts, upgrades, and service so you can enjoy the great outdoors!


Just because it doesn't go off road, doesn't mean it's forgotten!  LookOver is there for your next wind-in-the-face, just-you-and-the-road adventure.

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NEWS For the early adopters

For a list of current and potential features, take a look at the Features Page.

Apr. 14, 2023

LookOver backend is now running and storing data in a serverless cloud! ⛅️ The frontend now has something to interact with. 💥  Frontend development environment is all setup and ready to rock!

Apr. 10, 2023

Added shop management and the ability to optionally assign a machine to a shop.  Minor updates to the website.

Apr. 6, 2023 

Frontend development work has commenced!  LookOver will be cross-platform, including Android, Apple, and Desktop (as a Progressive Web App).  Now's a great time to speak up and help influence the product!

Apr. 5, 2023 

The first iteration of the backend API has been developed.  Next step is making it publicly available.  If you're technically minded and are interested in being the first to try the GraphQL powered backend, contact me.